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RESEARCH TOPICS Research projects of IPCB in italian

Antimicrobial additives for polymeric materials

The next generation of food packaging may include materials with antimicrobial properties. These packaging technologies could play a role in extending shelf-life of foods and reduce the risk from pathogens. Antimicrobial polymers may find use in other food contact applications as well. In medical field the potential risk of biofilm formation may cause catheter associated infections and may influence the degradation of invasive materials. Currently used medical devices that are effective against microorganisms contain either biocides or silver. The microbiocide effect of zeolite crystal carrier depends on silver ions that are tightly bonded to zeolite and released only by active ion-exchange mechanism in biological environments. Ionic liquids (ILs), a very interesting class of low temperature molten salts, containing both anions and cations, have attracted research interest for their properties, such as thermal stability, non flammability, negligible vapour pressure, solvation ability, biocompatibility or low toxicity. ILs based on imidazolium salts have been used in a wide range of biological and material science applications as scaffold for biomimetic applications, oxygen transport membranes, surfactants, plasticizers, antimicrobial and anti-inflamatory agents. image: Antimicrobial green additives In the last years IPCB has developed a recognized expertise in the realization of antimicrobial compounds for biomedical and food applications. The ILs antimicrobial additives synthetized (1-hexadecyl-3-methyl imidazolium 1,3-dimethyl 5-sulfoisophthalate, 3-octyloxy methyl 1-methylimidazolium hexafluorophosphate, 1-hexadecyl-3-methylimidazolium tetrafluoroborate, 3-octyloxy methyl 1-methylimidazolium tetrafluoroborate e 1-hexadecyl-3-methylimidazolium hexafluorophosphate) were characterized by 1H NMR, MALDI TOF, TGA and DSC. Films of antimicrobial compounds based on different polymers, e.g. PVC phthalates free, SEBS, PE, PP or silicone rubber, loaded with "green additives" such us Silver Zeolites, containing 10% of Ag+ ions, and ILs, based on imidazolium salts, were developed by a Brabender mixer and compression moulding or by casting solution. Their thermal and mechanical properties (elastic modulus E, tensile stress TS and elongation at break EB) were measured. The antimicrobial activity against Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus epidermidis growth was determined by disk diffusion method.

People to contact: Daniela Zampino

Progetto di ricerca Dispositivi ad alto contenuto tecnologico per il settore biomedicale (DIATEME)
PON01_00074, PON "Ricerca e Competitività 2007 - 2013" Regioni Convergenza, finanziato dal MIUR con decreto n. 635/Ric. 14/10/2011.

Progetto di ricerca Nano e microcompositi polimerici per la realizzazione di cateteri antimicrobici a breve e a lunga durata, (SHELF-LIFE)
Cod. 1999.IT.16.1.PO.011/3.14/5.2.13/0279 POR SICILIA 2000-2006 - Misura 3.14 azione B) Decreto concessione n. 150135 del 20/03/2006.

Progetto di ricerca Innovazione e tecnologie per il miglioramento della sostenibilità agro-industriale, della sicurezza e della qualità alimentare
Accordo Programma Quadro del 14/06/05 tra Regione Siciliana, MIUR e MEF.

List of selected publication:

D.Zampino, T.Ferreri, C.Puglisi, M.Mancuso, R.Zaccone, R.Scaffaro, D.Bennardo
PVC silver zeolite composites with antimicrobial properties
Journal of materials science 46, 6734-6743 (2011)

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