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RESEARCH TOPICS Research projects of IPCB in italian

Chemicals from from agro-industrial waste

The controlled pyrolysis of biomass is considered today a consolidate alternative for the production of energy and chemicals from renewable sources. In particular, the pyro-oils from lignocellulosic biomasses are constituted of a complex and rich mixture of high value organic compounds.
Our interest is on chemicals potentially used as monomers for synthesis of bio-polymers or alternatively as stabilizers. Currently, in our lab, research activities are focalized on degradation studies of lignocellulosic matrices by using TGA and Py/GCMS, identification and separation of terpenes, cresols and hydroxyacids.
image: biomasses Bio-oils are obtained from pyrolysis of agro-industrial biomass sicilian waste. In particular, the study is focused on the valorization and upgrading of bio-oils from pits of olives, pistachio shells, almond shells, dry peel sweet orange.

People to contact: Sabrina Carroccio

BIO4BIO, "Biomolecular and Energetic valorisation of residual biomasses in agroindustrial and fisher field"
PON02_00451_3362376 PON 2007-2013.

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