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RESEARCH TOPICS Research projects of IPCB in italian

Synthesis and characterization of hyperbranched polymers with controlled degree of branching

The research activity is aimed on the synthesis and chemical characterization of hybrid-linear hyperbranched polymers (HP)having controlled degree of branching. -Synthesized HP are constituted of long blocks of polymer (polyester, polyethersulfone, polycarbonates, polyamides, etc), in order to obtain new materials with controlled and reproducible properties to use in various commercial sectors. In particular the studies have the objective to use them as plasticizant agent with low migration for PVC based devices which can be used in the biomedical field and / or for the packaging of foods. image: HPCL The composition and chemical structure of the polymers hyperbranched is studied by (1H and 13C) NMR, mass spectrometry (in particular MALDI-TOF MS; LC-ESI), and FTIR spectroscopy tools. The thermal properties and thermal stability are studied by DSC (differential scanning calorimetry) and TGA (thermogravimetry); the molecular weights are calculated by SEC (size exclusion chromatography).

People to contact: Filippo Samperi

"Engineering di dispositivi biomedicali a matrice polimerica."

List of selected publication:

F.Samperi, S.Battiato, C.Puglisi, A.Scamporrino, V.Ambrogi, L.Ascione, C.Carfagna
Combined Techniques for the Characterization of Linear-Hyperbranched Hybrid Poly(Butylene Adipate) Copolymers
Journal of Polymer Science part A: Polymer Chemistry 49, 3615-3630 (2011)

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