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RESEARCH TOPICS Research projects of IPCB in italian

N-Glycomics in human health and diseases

Glycosylation changes on glycoproteins may be indicative of pathological conditions due to diseases of social relevance as neurodegenerative disorders, tumors and autoimmune diseases. They also underlies specific genetic diseases such as congenital disorders of glycosylation (CDG).

Human Serum N-Glycomics

Our research on of human serum N-glycome contributed to the characterization of three new specific CDG (MAN1B1-CDG, SLC35A3-CDG and DPM2-CDG), giving a valuable support to the comprehension of their relative complex molecular mechanisms. Glycosylation studies in serum samples from patients with galactosemia also led to a novel, broader evaluation of the pathological mechanism associated to such hereditary disease due to galactose accumulation in blood and tissues.

Human CSF N-Glycomics

Our studies on CSF provided identification of potential glyco-biomarkers for neurodegenerative pathologies such as Alzheimer's disease (AD). Further ongoing investigations are concerning biomarker standardization at the early phases of AD.

Tear Fluid glycoproteomics

Our analytical strategy afforded a detailed mapping of N-linked glycans in human tear fluid. In control samples, more than 150 different glycans were detected and many of the most meaningful structures were identified by tandem mass spectrometry (MS/MS). Current studies are in progress aimed at definition of specific glycoforms as potential biomarkers in specific eye diseases such as atopic keratoconjunctivitis (AKC) and Vernal Kerato-conjunctivitis (VKC).

People to contact: Domenico Garozzo - Luisa Sturiale

Grants 2010-2015
FIRB MERIT (MEdical Research In Italy)
"EUROGLYCANET" EC Coordination Action

List of selected publication:

R.Barone, Ch.Aiello, V.Race, E.Morava, F.Foulquier, M.Riemersma, Ch.Passarelli, D.Concolino, M.Carella, F.Santorelli, W.Vleugels, E.Mercuri, D.Garozzo, L.Sturiale, S.Messina, J.Jaeken, A.Fiumara, R.A.Wevers, E.Bertini, G.Matthijs, D. J.Lefeber.
DPM2-CDG: A Muscular Dystrophy-Dystroglycanopathy Syndrome with Severe Epilepsy
Annals of Neurology 72, 550-558 (2012)

R.Barone, L.Sturiale, D.Garozzo
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Plos Genetics 9, 1-13 (2013)

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S.Edvardson, A.Ashikov, C.Jalas, L.Sturiale, A.Shaag, A.Fedick, N.R.Treff, D.Garozzo, R.Gerardy-Schahn, O.Elpeleg
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L.Sturiale, R.Barone, G.Sorge, M.Zaffanello, A.Fiumara, G.Impallomeni, D.Garozzo
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R.Barone , L.Sturiale, A.Palmigiano, M. Zappia, D.Garozzo
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Journal of Proteomics 75, 5123-5139 (2012)

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