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Dr. Domenico Garozzo

Dr. Garozzo Domenico


1988Ph. D. in Chemical Sciences, University of Catania;
1981 "Laurea" in Chemistry, University of Catania.


2019 to present Head of Institute for Polymers, Composites and Biomaterials (IPCB CNR) of Catania;
2014 to present Senior Research Scientist, CNR, Institute for Polymers, Composites and Biomaterials (IPCB);
1993 to present Head of the Biopolymers Research Group, CNR, ICTP and IPCB;
1991 to present Member of the Scientific Steering Committee, CNR, ICTP and IPCB;
2004 to 2012 Adjunct Professor University of Catania;
2001 to 2004 Senior Scientist, CNR, Institute of Chemistry and Technology of Polymeric Materials (ICTP);
1988 to 2000 Research Scientist, CNR, ICTP;
1982 to 1988 Research Associate in the Polymer Laboratory, Chemistry Dept., University of Catania.


Dr. Garozzo's research centers on the characterization of natural and synthetic macromolecules. He developed Mass Spectrometry as analytical and structural tools for the analysis of polymers by the introduction of the SEC-MALDI technique, that is now universally used for the mass spectrometric analysis of polysaccharides and synthetic polymers. Afterwards, his studies explained why it is not possible to analyze polydisperse macromolecules, such as polysaccharides and most of the synthetic polymers, by MALDI MS without a pre-fractionation. In the field of natural macromolecules, his researches disclosed a sample preparation procedure able to obtain high quality MALDI mass spectra of R-type lipopolysaccharides. In this way, structural elucidations by MALDI MS of many LPS were obtained (Burkholderia dolosa, Pandoraea pulmonicola, Yersinia Pestis, Loktanella rosea, B. cenocepacia, vietnamiensis, multivorans, and many others).
His most recent field of research is human serum glycomics. His research in this field led to the discovery of three new genetic diseases due to Congenital Glycosylation Defects (CDG) (MAN1-B1 Deficiency, SLC35A3 mutation and DPM2-CDG) as well as the understanding of the bio-molecular basis of these diseases. He also contributed to a better understanding of Galactosemia.
More recently, he found that N-glycan alterations in CSF leads to very early detection of Alzheimer Disease (prior to the Mild Cognitive Impairment status) and new pharmaceutical targets.

Dr. Domenico Garozzo is author/co-author of more than 140 scientific publications in international journals with more than 4500 citations and h index = 37 (Google Scholar)

Awards and Honors

2016Berti Medal from Italian Chemical Society (SCI), Carbohydrate Chemistry group for his Research in Carbohydrate Chemistry.

Recipient of Research Grants

2018 to 2018Research Grant Mizutani Foundation for Glycoscience ;
2011 to 2015FIRB MERIT (MEdical Research In Italy) (final report);
2010 to 2012PRIN 2009 (final report);
2009 to 2010CNR/CONICET Joint project;
2007 to 2010PRIN 2007 (final report);
2005 to 2009FP6 Coordination Action: "EUROGLYCANET LSHM-2005-512131" (final report);
2005 to 2008APQ Regione Siciliana - MIUR project RS-20;
2002 to 2005Legge 449/97 progetto "PROFSICURI";
1994 to 1999EEC Structural Funds (Objective 1 P. O. MURST CNR).

Research agreement with private contractors

2003 to 2006Research grants SIFI Spa;
2005 to 2005Research grants Eurand Spa;
2002 to 2002Research grants Indena Spa;
2001 to 2001Research grants SIFI Spa;
2000 to 2001Research grants Indena Spa;
1998 to 1999Research grants with Pharmacia & Upjohn.

Reviewer for the following grant agencies

2019 NWO Neatherlands Organisation for Scientific Research;
2016 UEFISCDI Romanian Executive Agency for Higher Education, Research,
Development and Innovation Funding;
2016 ANVUR (MIUR Ministry of Education and Research);
2011 to 2012 OTKA Hungarian Scientific Research Fund;
2009 to 2009 HRB Health Research Board (Ireland).

Editorial Board

2012 to present associate editor of the Journal of Integrated-OMICS. A methodological Journal;
2008 to presentmember of Open Glycoscience Journal editorial board;
2008 to presentmember of Open Proteomics Journal editorial board;
2007 to 2017member of Journal of Proteomics (Elsevier) editorial board;
2010 Jan to 2010 Jun member of Nature reader panel.

Conference Chair

Dr. Domenico Garozzo chaired the following international workshop on mass spectrometry of polymers and biopolymers in Catania:
2007II Italian Proteomic Association Conference Acitrezza (Catania), Italy (June 2007);
2003MALDI and ESI MS after the 2002 Chemistry Nobel Prize
(February 2003 -Catania, Italy);
1999Mass Spectrometry of Polymers (December 1999 -Catania, Italy);
1997Application of MALDI-TOF MS in the Characterization of Synthetic and Biological
Polymers (October 1997 -Catania, Italy).

National Committees

2009 to 2014 Board Member of Carbohidrate Chemistry group (Italian Chemical Society);
2006 to 2011 Board Member of Italian Proteomic Association (ItPA);
2004 to 2006 Board Member of Italian HUPO.

Education and teaching Activities

2016 to 2017 University of Catania -Advanced Methods in Macromolecular chemistry (21 lectures);
2008 to 2009 University of Catania -Biopolymers (12 lectures);
2007 to 2008 University of Catania -Biopolymers (12 lectures);
2006 to 2007 University of Catania -Biopolymers (12 lectures);
2005 to 2006 University of Catania -Biopolymers (12 lectures);
2004 to 2005 University of Catania -Polymer Chemistry and lab (2 lectures).


Italian Chemical Society (SCI);
American Mass Spectrometry Society (ASMS);
Society for Glycobiology;
American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (ASBMB).


A.Palmigiano, A.Messina, L.Sturiale, D.Garozzo
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C.W.Fung. G.Matthijs, L.Sturiale, D.Garozzo, K.Y.Wong, R.Wong, V.Wong, J.Jaeken
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