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Dr. Donatella Romeo

Dr. Donatella Romeo


  • Degree in Mathematical Sciences at the University of Catania (110/110 summa cum laude). Thesis : "Minimax theorems in finite and infinite dimension".
    Tutor: Professor A. Maugeri, Department of Mathematics - University of Catania (Italy).
  • Full time training course (three months business scholarship) at Intersiel S.p.A. of Cosenza (Iri-Finsiel): Data analysis; Programming techniques for software analysis and development; Programming languages.
  • Professional training courses. More than 20 courses of programming (Enterprise Java Beans, Java, C, Visual Basic, SQL, Cobol e DMIV TP), analysis (Object oriented analysis & design e Rational Rose), security and disaster recovery, reti, project management.


Software Engineer (Technologist) of the National Research Council at the Institute of Chemistry and Technology of Polymers (CNR-IPCB) in Catania (Italy).


Project manager and software engineer at Banksiel (formerly Intersiel), computer company of the Telecom Group (formerly IRI / FINSIEL), today Almaviva.


  • Designe and management of the Institute’s web site.
    Certification of the pages according to W3C standards (World Wide Web Consortium) of accessibility and quality, pages' optimization for the inclusion and ranking in major search engines. The web site includes static and dynamic documents, developed using HTML, DHTML, Java Script, JSP, Java, Java beans, SSI and SQL
  • Development of programs for data processing output analysis performed on mass spectrometers.
    Among these, a program that is integrated in the Explore Data, attributes IONS Y, Z, B and C - peaks originating from single glycosidic linkage cleavage - Maldi Tof-Tof spectrum in MS / MS of carbohydrates.
    The program can be obtained by making the web an appropriate form fields. The applicant will receive it by e-mail.
    To date, more than 100 people required software from 16 different countries of the world.
  • Designe and implementation of the Institute's Publications database.
    Development of a software program to query the database from the Internet, using various fields as access keys
  • Designe and implementation of the Chemical Products database of the Institute.
    Develope of a web application that allows the maintenance of the database through the reserved area of the website. Each product can be connected to safety data sheet MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets). Sheets can be displayed by the browser.
  • Designe and development of several web applications for the Institute and for the Reserch Area of Catania.
    Among these, the application "Richieste di Ordinativo" which allows to make an purchase request via Internet, after being authenticated via the login area of the website of the Institute. The requests are stored in a relational database. When the order is approved, the accounting records are automatically included in the budget of the Institute. It's possible to know the financial situation updated in real time.

The application performs a flow-chart:

  • the user fills in the request and sends the order at the secretariat;
  • the administration takes notice of the order and submits it to the director;
  • the order is executed;
  • the order amount is accounted for by the system to calculate the budget of the Institute;
  • is generated "the expenditure commitment" in the administration;
  • are included billing data and data concerning the traceability of streams

In each step, order is associated with a specific state that defines the visibility, ensuring that every operation is authorized.


  • Lead of a working group with about 7 people, for the design and development of a management application production orders of business.
    It's a web application developed with Java technology EJB (Enterprise Java Beans), Web application WebSphere, Oracle database, DHTML and Java Script. For the analysis used UML (Unified Modeling Language) and Rational Rose (tool support for software engineering, object-oriented)
  • Lead of a working group to customize a product of "Asset management".
    This is a client-server application, with a relational database (Oracle), for the management of corporate assets throughout their life cycle. She produced analysis and followed the development of a web application that manages the purchase request recording information on the same database of the "Asset Management" application.
  • Designe and development of several office automation applications.
  • Analysis and development of web applications.
    Design and development of an application for a bank that allows for querying via the Internet details of the customer and the loan applications. The application is developed using HTML, ASP and scripting languages. It's required the integration of different phases that run on different systems (mainframe, server).
  • Home Banking skills.
    Lead of a working group that deals with optimizing a Home Banking application. Study of the technology of Internet programming exploring the themes of portability across different browsers, performance, and maintenance. Market survey about the use of Internet applications in the main banks in the world, the features available to the client, and how they design their websites.
  • Analysis and development of client-server applications.
    Develope of expertise in client-server environments, database management and design. In particular: designe and development of a help desk application used by call center operators of a bank, and participation in the working group for the design and development of an application for managing operations of the office of Performance Credits of a bank.
  • Expertise in Security and Disaster Recovery.
    Collaboration with the security group of a bank, implementation and update of a security plan that covers both logical (data access to computer systems, information security, etc.) and physical security (anti-intrusion, fire, etc.). In collaboration with specialist consultants in the industry, designe of the business plan for disaster recovery.
  • System support and assistance to the end user in mainframe environments (Bull, IBM).
    Programming languages (C, Cobol, Tex and Clist) structured programming methodologies (DAPHNE WARNIER), and knowledge on the GCOS and MVS operating systems and subsystems TP/DMIV and CICS/DB2.
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